Did you know House of Cards was originally a British series? That’s the problem with successful US versions of British shows – they never confess to their origins. When a British show flops in the US, EVERYONE knows it was British first. Not fair to our UK brethren at all! But facts are facts. Here’s a bit more info.

House of Cards

Netflix decided to adapt this show as its first major original program. It turned out to be a very smart move. It took off the very first season, produced by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. The show is brilliant, gripping, suspenseful, and very humorous.

The IT Crowd

This one didn’t fare so well. It may have been one of the funniest shows to ever come out of the UK, but when it came to the US, it played out like a poor version of the The Big Bang Theory.


This is on everyone’s list of top failed British remakes. Originally, Coupling was the UK version of Friends, very funny and provocative. It was a bad decision to air a US version of it because the US already had Friends. Terrible miscasting in addition to NBC’s meddling resulted in Coupling’s being canceled after only four episodes.

Trading Spaces

Trading Spaces is actually still on…on TLC. The pilot was directed by Gabriele Muccino of The Pursuit of Happyness fame and featured Melanie Griffith and Hugh Jackman. The latter even produced the series. The series bombed despite an excellent time slot right after CSI. Called “the worst television series in the history of television” by The New York Times, it was canceled after only two episodes. The British version, Blackpool, could not have been any different. It was even nominated for Best Drama at the BAFTAs.